Functionalities of Seerus

1. Suscribe

2. Creating a market analysis

3. Retrieving of the survey results

4. Earn Credits

5. The calculation of credits

6. Request for an analysis


1. Suscribe

When registering, a series of questions will be asked  to define your profile and could offer you to respond to relevant analysis that you might need. The treatment of the responses in these studies is completely anonymous, and on this point, Seerus guarantees <em> ad infinitum </ em> their confidentiality.


2. Creating a market analysis

The creation of a study is divided into five stages. At the end of each stage, you will be able to record the progress of the creation and to take if back later. Once the creation of the study is completed, you can publish it with one click.

a. Description of the study

In this step, you will be able to choose in which language(s)the study will be published. The study will appear in the language that the respondent has used on their browser. You will also need to define the type of study you want to create and the sector fields of the industry.

b. Targeting and mode of publication

You are able to distribute your study in two ways:

Once the study is created Seerus will generate a link to your study that youwill be able to  send by email or broadcast by any social network. Any type of study creation is free if you do not make targeting.


Your study will be automatically sent to the website’s users who corresponding to the profile that you have defined. Publish a study in this way will cost you Seerus credits. To win credits, you can either respond to studies of other users Seerus or buy some credits.

Once the publication mode will be  selected, you can define to which profiles of person you wish to submit your package: person or professionals. The criteria of the targeting available will depend on this choice.

c. Creation of the questions

This is at this stage that you  will build the body of your study: You can create 12 questions utmodt, and for each of them, choose how the answer choices will be presented (multiple choice, single choice, grid, digital scale, ...) .


d. Pooled questions

Depending on the type of study, targeting, and your industry, a list of known issues called "pooled" will be proposed to you.You will need to chooe in this list four questions who will get into your survey.The benefit  of these questions is that they were raised in a large number of study, and therefore, many personnes has been responded to it. By selecting those questions during analyzing your results, you can compare your answers with the average of all the respondents of pooled selected questions. Statistics is indeed a powerful tool as soon as the data collected are sufficiently large, and Seerus by this means, try to give you all the tools for a non-truncated analysis.

e. Open questions

Last step.Before publishing your study, you can create up to 3 open questions utmost.And possibly asking whether to the respondents if they allows that you will get  his email address (access to email addresses will cost you some credits).


3. Retrieving of the survey results

At  any time you will be able to check the status of your study in the subpage "My Space". And download the overview  in PDF or the complete list of responses and their statistical processing in excel format. By default, a number of information on respondents will appear on the report (age, sex, city, occupation and spoken language) it will be possible to buy it more with Seerus credits.


4. Earn Credits

As the publication of a study cost Seerus credits .You will be able to accumulate it in 2 ways: either by replying to other users Seerus investigations, either by buying them directly with a credit card on our platform 100% secure.


5. The calculation of credits

 a. Purchase credits

They cost will  decrease  per unit based on tokens you will order. A window on the left will allows you to see the gain of the credit and  will be update on each selection. The more you buy token, the cheaper they get cost.

To get credits, you earn 1 credit for each question, but the more you will  answer to  <em> questions during a session </ em>, the more credit you will multiply.

TIP : To ensure a good yield credit, replying  for 1 hour will bring you much credit. (Every 1.5 hours the multiplier effect of your credit will starts again).


b. Use your credits

When you use the Seerus data base, it will cost you credits, they will be calculated as follows: the amount of respondents referred xtargeting X amount of questions. The more accurately respondents you target, the more a multiplier effect will be applied.

When you use your own data base, the study is free if you do not target your audience. If you are targeting ,the motor targeting will cost you 400 credits X the multiplier effect of targeting. There is no multiplier effect on the number of respondents or the number of questions.


6. Request for an analysis

Seerus provides his team to help you in your results. We can do  based on your results, perform advanced clients analysis, study the correlations and their various degrees. After analyzing your application and your files, we will resend you a simple and clear document with all the statistical analysis and their explanations, and a help phone line will be available for your questions.

Our prices are very competitive and our system has a very high-performance.

Why use Seerus?

All your data will beautomatically adjusted so that we can treat them quickly, which reduces  a big part of the costs.

We analyze your results and compare them to all of our data based on the same respondents, which gives us the opportunity to offer you an efficient consultancy service. Tell us your requests about market analysis and we will get back to you.